Western Music Association

Western Music Association

Western Wordsmiths Chapter


Our Mission:
To produce, promote and preserve the tales, stories and poems
of the Western culture in written or oral form.

Western Wordsmiths

The Western Music Association was founded in 1988 to foster the professional growth of individual performing members through their web site, the quarterly "Western Way," the annual International Western Music Festival every November, state and regional chapters, and an Educational Outreach Program.

The Western Wordsmiths Chapter started in 2011 to provide more support and opportunities for Western writers within the Western Music Association. Our members include poets, authors, story tellers, song writers and lyricists.

The primary goal of the Western Wordsmiths Chapter was to create poetry awards, and eligibility criteria for those awards. That job was accomplished.

The web wrangler who started this web site has stepped down. If you want to take over this web site, please contact an officer of the Chapter and have him or her contact the web wrangler. Web site space will be purchased, at the Chapter's expense, and the Chapter will reimburse the web wrangler for the domain name.

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